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The Kris Kelly Foundation
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by Vetty on The Kris Kelly Foundation

The first time I met Kris was through facebook. I was doing some work in Compton and a pitbull ran by me, blood all over its face,,, I was so bumped out. I posted a pic of the dog running away, not really knowing what to do. I remember Kris giving me GREAT advice ... Its helped from the future on and we have stayed connected, I have TWO RESCUE PUPS from kris and I'm sure ill have more... I will help Kris forever. She is a true Angel. Let be honest, NOT MANY people (maybe 1%) can do this on a DAILY basis.. SO give when you can,, Give yourself a pat on the back if you do BECAUSE IT TRULY HELPS HER!.. I will keep giving because I cant do much more ... BUT i know Kris can... #donate #save #an #animal.

by Scott R.5 on The Kris Kelly Foundation

I have a business located in a very rural area of Riverside. I get a lot of abandoned dogs and other animals that I cant take care of and they cant take care of themselves in that environment. My go to person is Kris when this happens. She always finds homes for the animals that need it and does not let them go to people that are nothing but the best. I follow her Facebook page along with many others in CA but she really sticks out for the right reasons. People can be so cruel so its nice to see someone who really cares for all the animals.

by Lon H. on The Kris Kelly Foundation

Kris helped connect me with my best pal, Taco. She's doing a wonderful job at finding homes for animals in need and I very much recommend working with her group.

by mikebutts on The Kris Kelly Foundation

As an animal rescuer and advocate I am always looking for fellow animal lovers who truly care-who truly do the work of loving and saving animals. Kris is the real deal. The Kris Kelly foundation is an organization that I donate too whenever I can because I trust her.

by Roy300M on The Kris Kelly Foundation

I have had several years positive experience with the Kris Kelly Foundation, and I believe they are an outstanding nonprofit for animal welfare, and I fully support them! Kris Kelly is such a caring, compassionate person, and I am so impressed by her active engagement in the community to speak up for animal rescue. I think she rescues primarily dogs and cats, but I've noted other rescue efforts as well, including chickens, pigs, etc. Ms Kelly is often on the front lines, personally rescuing and caring for animals. She has personally influenced my life in that I've become more involved in animal rescue, as well as changing my lifestyle to a healthy veggie/vegan diet. I am much healthier & happier now as a result. Please consider supporting the Kris Kelly Foundation. It is truly a wonderful cause!

by CapnSteve on The Kris Kelly Foundation

Kris, is amazing! Her indefatigable drive to save and rescue as many animals is incredible. She's helped save countless animal's lives and is always ready to lend a hand, day or night, (and often in the middle of the night) to help an animal in need. She's an amazing woman.

by gkaskel on The Kris Kelly Foundation

The Kris Kelly Foundation has a tireless advocate and recuser at its lead who will go anywhere at any time to save an animal. They provide short and long term veterinary care to injured rescues (I adopted a dog that had been hit by a car and had a broken jaw and hip and was in vet for more than two months). This is definitely a rescue group worth supporting.

by Angela B.5 on The Kris Kelly Foundation

Kristine goes above and beyond never seen anyone have more passion for anything in her life and I have known her most of my life! She is devoted to these animals all the way to her grave and after! I wish everyone had her strength to go after the animals rightstil the end. She is truly the guardian angel to all animals!

by WH1997 on The Kris Kelly Foundation

Since its founding The Kris Kelly Foundation has been at the forefront of animal welfare efforts most notably in the Southern California area. The foundation's continuous efforts to provide healthcare and homes for neglected animals have earned it the reputation of being one of the most successful and effective animal welfare groups anywhere in the SoCal area. In addition to its regular fieldwork in the Los Angeles area to rescue abused/neglected animals, the foundation is also consistently recognized as being a top animal rights advocacy group.

by Rob B.2 on The Kris Kelly Foundation

The Kris Kelly foundation goes above and beyond for animals, they are a rescue that far exceeds expectations of a rescue. They have garnered my respect so much so to the point where i decided to choose them as one of the rescues i would sponsor and help financially. 5 Stars across the board.

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