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Special Events

Special Events

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Kris Kelly wins Producer’s Choice Award

Kris Kelly founder of the Kris Kelly Foundation wins Producer’s Choice Award:Hollywood Creative Community Service Award for Animal Rescue. She was presented the award at the Whisky ago go in West Hollywood, CA


Massi Furlan and Kris Kelly speak out about Animal Welfare

The Kris Kelly Foundation and the Orange Bone team up to spread the word about the importance of spay and neuter. Massi Furlan and Kris Kelly have the same desire to help the the animals in the world with no voice. They work together to help the animals on the street get homes and rescued from bad situations.

al bowman cover

25th Annual LA Music Awards

Kris Kelly founder of The Kris Kelly Foundation presents the 25th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards at the Whiskey a go go. Kris spoke with a Chinese Television reporter about stopping the dog meat trade and the benefits of being a vegan. Focus Magazine interviewed Kris and she spoke about the wide variety of animals The Kris Kelly Foundation rescuers per year…from horses, chickens, pigs to dogs and cats.


Santa Claus comes to Petsmart West Los Angeles

The Kris Kelly Foundation has their Adoption Events at Petsmart in West Los Angeles and celebrated Christmas with Santa Claus and the Kris Kelly Foundation’s adoptable animals. Liz Jiminez and Zulima Tristancho work very hard to find the best adopters for each dog or cat that need homes. Please come down and see us.


Adoption Events at Petsmart in West Los Angeles

The Kris Kelly Foundation does adoptions at the West Los Angeles Petsmart. Liz Jiminez and Zulima Tristancho are amazing and work with the Kris Kelly Foundation tirelessly helping the dogs on the streets and in the shelters and finding the perfect forever homes at Petsmart.


Hermosa Fiesta Event

The Kris Kelly Foundation adopts dogs at the Hermosa Fiesta Event. The residents of Hermosa Beach are animal loving people and dogs found great homes there. Micheal J. Bell of Bell Events has been so generous and his love for animals is beautiful. He is a good man. Thank you Hermosa Beach and Bell Events for allowing us to show our adoptable dogs at your event.


The Kris Kelly Foundation rescues Zack from Saudi Arabia

We Rescued Harry from Saudi Arabia
The Kris Kelly Foundation rescues Zack from Saudi Arabia. Zack was abandoned at a vets office in Saudi Arabia. The Kris Kelly Foundation was contacted to help Zack. Zack was flown into the LAX. The Kris Kelly Foundation found a great home in Westchester, CA where Zack has 2 brothers that he lives with and will never be in danger of being abandoned again.


We Rescued Harry from Saudi Arabia

The Kris Kelly Foundation received a call about a dog in Saudi Arabia named Harry who was beat, poisoned and left for dead. The Kris Kelly Foundation responded and got Harry to safety in Canada. Harry will never be in danger again!


We Rescued Helen from Slaughter at the Fairgrounds in Santa Barbara

The Kris Kelly Foundation rescued Helen from being slaughtered for food. We received a call about a pig named Helen who was brought up with a nice boy and he loved the pig. We found Helen a nice home and had her transported to her home in Riverside. Helen now lives with her boyfriend Arnold who we adopted to the family in 2009. They live together and just love each other. We at the Kris Kelly Foundation advise going VEGAN for your health and the love of animals with feelings.


Saving CC

The Kris Kelly Foundation got a call about a puppy that 2 children were trying to set on fire. The puppy was doused in gasoline and was about to be set on fire…a woman inside a home happened to open her front door and saw the two young men about to commit this heinous act and snatched the puppy from them. She immediately contacted Kris Kelly. CC was flown to to Los Angeles and put into a foster home a few days later. CC is a lucky girl…so many animals are not so lucky and endure abuse at the hands of humans. We need stricter laws and more education about the care and RESPECT of animals.


The Kris Kelly Foundation receives its 5th grant from the Pacific Palisades Women’s Club

The Kris Kelly Foundation receives its 5th grant from the Pacific Palisades Women’s Club on March 5, 2013. Cynthia Mance the Director of the Kris Kelly Foundation accepted the grant award for the Kris Kelly Foundation and spoke about the importance of spay and neutering your pets and the stray cats on the streets.


The Beverly Hills Chihuahua Takes Flight

The Kris Kelly Foundation teamed up with the Baldwin Park Shelter to transport 16 chihuahuas to the Know County Humane Society in Maine. The program is dubbed “Beverly Hills Chihuahuas”. Each chihuahua was named after an old Hollywood movie star, from Marilyn Monroe to Sammy Davis Jr.


Charlie’s Transport

The Kris Kelly Foundation received a call on their hotline about a 5lb pig that was living behind a home in South Los Angeles. The landlord of the home told the tenants they could no longer keep Charlie. TKKF got a crew together and hired a horse transporter and moved Charlie from his home to a beautiful sanctuary in Solvang, CA. Charlie started walking and hanging around with the Farm’s 2 dogs and playing in the dirt…Charlie will live happily ever after like all pigs should.

Read more on Charlie’s Transport at Atomic Tango.


The Kris Kelly Foundation rescued 7 chickens from the Carson Animal Shelter

Kris Kelly and Sara Cozolino transport 7 chickens from the Carson CA shelter to safety. These 7 chickens were fighting chickens and then discarded when no longer useful. Please report cock fighting and any animal abuse to your local police, animal shelter, ASPCA or Humane Society. Do not give up until something is done about the situation. Please do not stand by when “humanity” needs your help. Whether it is a child being bullied at school or an animal being abused in a home you must not stand by and do nothing…the voiceless need your help!


Grand Opening of Petsmart Beverly Hills

The Kris Kelly Foundation and Petsmart join teams to help abandoned animals find forever homes! The Kris Kelly Foundation handed out brochures and spoke with customers at the Grand Opening of Petsmart-Beverly Hills. The Kris Kelly Foundation will be showing their adoptable animals at this store location. Come one down to see the dogs and cats etc who need homes! Thank you Petsmart for asking The Kris Kelly Foundation to be a part of your quest for helping the animals!!


Kris Kelly helps dogs in Taiwan

The Kris Kelly Foundation works with Tuapa a animal rescue organization located in Taiwan. So far they have rescue 5 dogs from Tuapa. Johanna Quinn and her husband Joey Lai work tirelessly to save the dogs on the streets of Taiwan. You can learn more about Tuapa by going to Here are some of Tuapa’s T shirts modeled by Kris Kelly and some of the dogs that The Kris Kelly Foundation rescued from Taiwan with the help of Tuapa in Taiwan.


Stevie the Chihuahua

LA County contacted The Kris Kelly Foundation about a chihuahua that was turned in as a stray. Her legs were paralyzed and her nails that had never been cut. She had a huge gash over her left eye. We immediately went to the Lancaster Shelter and rescued her and brought her straight to our vet Brent-Air Animal Hospital where she received immediate medical attention.


Rescue Realtors

The “Rescue Realtors” in Venice CA work with the Kris Kelly foundation to help save animals.

Suzy Frank from Abbot Kinney real estate sponsored many adoption events in front of their office. Thanks to Suzy Frank and the “Rescue Realtors” many dogs found homes on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice California.


Barkworks is going down…

We marched around Barkworks today…we were silent…people listened…the man that owned the mall allowed us to march and spread the word about how bad Barkworks is. They buy puppy mill puppies. They just got a shipment of sick puppies yesterday. One is at the vets office on life support. We need to stop this terrible abuse with these puppy mills and petstores that lie to your face when they tell you they are from reputable breeders.


Ringing in the New Year with
The Kris Kelly Foundation

Thank you Tiziana Sorge for donating your doggy day care facility Barkingham Palace in West Hollywood for our Holiday Event!!! People came out to celebrate with us…and raise funds for our very high medical bills!!! We had fun…drank wine, ate, and shopped for a good cause.


Will Santa Monica finally
be totally humane?

This is our second week at Aquarium Fish and Pet store in Santa Monica CA…a lot of people came out in support of the puppy mill movement…if you saw the small plastic boxes the dogs are in in the back you would cringe…they live in those boxes for months…it is such abuse! This store opened in 1985 and people in the area say they hate it but nobody has done anything about it…I know it can happen…I know the reign of terror can be stopped and we are determined to make it happen!


The Kris Kelly Foundation goes to
Manhattan Beach!

The Upper Manhattan Lounge was so gracious as to donate their venue to them for a fundraiser. The evening was beautiful with performances by The Vertigirls, Fawn Songirl, Pam Wilkinson and more. A special thanks to The Vertigirls, Pam, and Fawn. Also thank you to Jade Brenner-Katz for just about running the whole show and her mom Lauren for taking pictures of the evening. Thank you to everyone who donated items to the Silent Auction…THANK YOU SANDRA LEWIS, and VENUS AND ROBERT ROCHAS


The Kris Kelly Foundation
has a yard sale…

The Kris Kelly Foundation has very high vet bills and with the economy so poor there are less donations coming in. We have yard sale a lot to compensate for the lack of donations coming in. Just because the economy is bad doesn’t mean the animals we can stop helping the animals that need our help so badly…we have to get very creative and work harder to pay their medical bills and pull fees. Thank you very much for everyone who has donated yard sale items to us for our sales…it is MUCH appreciated. A special thank you to Todd and Sara Cozolino for letting us use your home for the sale…and the next one in November.


No more puppy mill Pet
Stores in Santa Monica!

Kris Kelly and Jade Brenner-Katz of The Kris Kelly Foundation joined forces with other Los Angeles rescue groups to protest against Aquarium Pet store in Santa Monica CA because they sell puppy mill puppies from the notorious puppy mill “Hunt”. The protestors got shot at but that did not deter them from exercising thier 4th Amendment rights. We need to be the voices for those poor puppies that they cage in the smallest cages we have ever found in any petstore for MONTHS!!! If you look in the back room which is so visible to customers you just cry when you see the expressions on these poor dogs faces. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STOP THE MADNESS OF EXPLOITING THESE POOR DOGS!! Lets not forget the cats and bunnies they buy from the mills also!


The Kris Kelly Foundation
saves kittens…

Valerie Israel volunteered to crawl under an abandoned home to rescue a Mom and her kittens. The little guys were brought to the vet and got a clean bill of health. They are now in a nice foster home and when all the kittens become of age they will all find forever homes and so will mom! Thanks Valerie you are the best!!!


The Healthy Spot in
Santa Monica CA

Kris Kelly went to the Healthy Spot today for their party and to see Best Friends dogs. The Healthy Spot is an incredible store with daycare and excellent grooming. They sell treats, beds, collars and leashes and many more items. THEY DO NOT SELL PUPPIES!!!


The outside Northridge
cat Portraits

The Northridge outside cats are doing very well with an outstanding volunteer named Susan who has taken them under her wing. I have posted all their pictures so they are recognized as survivors. They have survived the death of their mom Cindy Balaban and are living in comfort and I may say Paradise. Thank you Susan for helping these beautiful kittys. Thank you Robin Olin for getting them to their destination and for all you do for the ferals cats in Los Angeles, CA.


Our Rummage Sale in
West Los Angeles CA

Sale was a big success. We raised enough money to pay off our vet bill at Century Vet from the Northridge cat rescue! YAY!! The whole rescue cost us $15,000.00 It was a lot of work but was so worth it! All of the cats were saved and will live a happy life! My special thanks go to Edward Carter and his adorable chihuahua named Chin Chin…with him this sale would not have happened. Also a huge thank you to Erica Hagen, Robin Olin, Cindy Mance, Jennifer Priebe, Carole Sax, Barbara, Jane Maddox, and everyone else who volunteered at the event!!! xoxo


The Northridge ferals are rescued….

The Northridge rescue is still in process. We trapped,neutered/spayed, and released the outdoor cats to an enclosure we built in Winnetka CA. They will stay there until we find the perfect place to rehome them. Susan Allen was so generous to offer help to the Northridge cats. She really beautified the enclosure by painting and adding details to the enclosure. The cats are happy and safe. They are fed, watered and loved by Susan. Feral cats really need our help. They are abandoned kittys that cannot fend for themselves. People will move and leave a cat in their backyard…that cat eventually will find a colony to belong to. If you see a stray cat please get the cat spayed/neutered and release them..either back to the neighborhood or if you feel that the cat could not survive where you found him or her try and find someone who will take the kitty in and take care of him or her. You can make a huge difference in a cats life! Give back it feels good! THANK YOU SUSAN FROM ALL OF US!! Kris Kelly, Robin Olin, Erica Hagen and Jeannie!!


Adoption process begins
for the Northridge cats

Now that all the cats are healthy they are ready for their forever homes. We have shown the cats at Centinela Feed in Santa Monica and also at The Ivy on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. A beautiful antique Design Center in Studio City CA. The owner Wendy Dio is a beautiful lady who gave a very generous donation to The Kris Kelly Foundation to help with the medical bills at Century Vet Group. We are showing our kittys there every weekend so come on by and meet the kitty cats they all need great forever homes. Robin Olin and Jeannie Pickard do a wonderful job showing cats at this lovely furniture store!


Thank God for Stephanie Babcock and Erica Hagen

Robin Olin suggested The Century Vet Group and Stephanie Babcock to Kris Kelly and Kris called Stephanie. The Century Vet Group on Venice Blvd took in all of the inside cats…it started out slow but eventually they all made it to to the hospital. They had extensive medical treatments. Stephanie Babcock even figured out what was wrong with Wheezy…one of the cats that had chronic nasal drip…it was a polyp! They all were tested, given their shots,microchipped, the ones that were not spayed/neutered were, and all had dental work done! Erica Hagen goes every night to play and feed the cats…every night!


The Northridge Cat Rescue

On Christmas Eve a woman named Cindy Balaban asked her ex husband to call Kris Kelly to save her babies. She died that evening. Cindy was dubbed “Feral Guardian”. She was their protector. Kris got the call the day after Christmas and met Cindy’s ex husband the next day at her home in Northridge. There were about 50 cats inside and 50 cats outside in the back yard. This was overwhelming to Kris and this was to be the largest rescue she had dealt with since she started her own non-profit. The universe brought Robin Olin and Erica Hagen into her life to help. Jeannie Pickard and Edward came in shortly after…and we cannot forget Susan Allen or Cindy Mance who came to the rescue to!


Kris Kelly receives a grant…

The Pacific Palisades Junior Women’s Club gives The Kris Kelly Foundation a grant for the third year in a row. Kris Kelly is the Animal Advisor for the Palisades and loves the town and is so grateful for the generosity they have shown the Foundation. The Palisades is really opening themselves up to the welfare of animals. They are getting to know the plight of feral cats and are really thinking about how they can help. Thank you to the Pacific Palisades Juniors Women’s Club for living a life with purpose from The Kris Kelly Foundation!!!


The Puppy Store on Melrose
Ave is going humane!

The hard work of the animal community paid off. Orange Bone Pet Store on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, CA opened their doors to Los Angeles Animal Control and the dogs up for adoption at the local shelters. The owner of the Orange Bone said this is the right thing to do. He realizes that selling puppies from puppy mills isn’t a nice thing to do and is now going humane. We thank him for what he has done and hope that other petstores follow suit. Do not buy when shelter dogs die! Adopt don’t shop!!!!!!


Romeo is protesting
The Puppy Store on Melrose Ave

The Kris Kelly Foundation rescued Romeo a blind chihuahua from the West Los Angeles CA shelter. We brought him to an eye specialist at VCA-West Los Angeles named Dr Chang…one of the best eye doctors in Los Angeles. Unfortunately it is to late for Romeo’s vision to be corrected. He is not in pain and is healthy besides also being deaf but that does not stop Romeo from protesting the Orange Bone Petstore on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. He wants to educate the public about overbreeding. Romeo is a product of overbreeding. Did I mention that Romeo is not even one year yet? Puppy mills crank out litter after litter and the result? Puppies with a lot of ailments. DON’T SHOP…ADOPT AT YOUR LOCAL SHELTER!!! Thank you Elle Wittelsbach founder of Strangest Angels Rescue for taking these great pictures and all your hard work protesting and rescuing animals.


The Kris Kelly Foundation
traps feral cats

Cindy Mance, Freddy and Kris trapped neutered/spayed a small colony of cats that live in West Los Angeles. There were 3 kittens that got homes but the others had to remain in the colony. There was one cat that was the Mama that could not be caught with a regular trap. Fix Nation let them borrow what is called a drop trap (as you can see in the pictures below). Mama was caught and will be spayed at Fix Nation tomorrow morning and returned back to the colony. Please remember to learn about trap neuter release also dubbed TNR and help any stray cat in your neighborhood get sterilized before it gets out of control. The poor kittys live a hard life on the streets and we at The Kris Kelly Foundation want to prevent future kittys from that life. So please get involved in your neighborhoods and save a life. Remember to always spay and neuter your pets!


Blind chi that we rescued
from West Los Angeles Shelter

This poor blind one year old chihuahua was dumped at the West Los Angeles Shelter. When he was surrendered Samantha Westbrook the New Hope Coordinator for West Los Angeles called us and we went and got him! He will be visiting an eye specialist to see if the blindness can be corrected. In the meantime Kris Kelly dropped “Romeo Corky” to his new foster Mom…Fiona. She has 2 poodles. One is 16 years old and blind. Romeo fell in love immediatley. The other poodle is 12 and she can take him or leave him. When Kris Kelly left tonight Fiona and the clan were going off to lie in the bed and snuggle.


Do not shop at Pet
Headquarters in Malibu

We are still in Malibu educating the residents about Pet Headquarters. Millionaire Mutt has closed their doors but Pet Headquarters is still open for business. The puppy mill business that is. When you buy a puppy at a petstore you support Puppy Mills. These are horrible places where a female dog is bred and bred just like Mommy that you see in the picture above with Kris Kelly. She was rescued from a Lancaster CA puppy mill. Her uterus had to be rebuilt. Her nipples are so large and she is only 2 1/2 years old!!!! Please do not buy when shelter dogs die…ADOPT DON’T SHOP!!!


The Kris Kelly Foundation at
Sunrise Senior Living

The Kris Kelly Foundation had it’s first adoption event at Sunrise Senior Living in Beverly Hills on Crescent Drive. The residents love animals and have their own pets that they live with at the facility. They have a lovely house dog and kitty that live on the premises as the house pets and really enjoy the people that live there. Animals are great for the elderly. It keeps them aware and happy. It is soothing when you can pet a dog or cat when you may feel lonely. It brings good cheer and puts a smile on your face. A lot of the kittys that were at the event were seniors themselves and want a nice place to live for their “golden years” I want to thank Carole Sax, Jacky DeHavilland, Jeff Fleis, and Adrienne for their love of animals and support!


Malibu Chili Cook off

The Kris Kelly Foundation and Last Chance for Animals came together to educate Malibu about puppy mills and how Pet Stores sell them. People need to know when you but a puppy at a pet store you are supporting the terrible puppy mills that are in existance all over the United States. They are mainly in the Mid West but California has their share of them. What we also have are what is called Back Yard Breeders. They are just as dangerous to the puppies and parents that they throw in their back yards. Why are these puppy stores in existence and why do pet stores sell them? GREED! These puppies are nothing more than a piece of merchandise to these people and they do not care about you as a consumer nor the lives that they peddle. Do not buy animals…only adopt!


Vigil in Malibu for 80 puppies
shot by puppy mill

Tonight, we held a vigil in Malibu for the 80 puppies that were shot by the puppy mill because they were told to deflea the dogs. This was legal! Kris Kelly spoke about how animals are property and how we need to abolish that law!!



Stop Animal Cruelty…say yes to Prop 2 This November 4 Californians should vote YES on 2-a modest measure that stops cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, ending the practice of cramming farm animals into cages so small the animals can’t even turn around or stretch their limbs. A lot of money was raised tonight at a terrific party hosted by Tracy and Robert Torme at their lovely home in Beverly Hills…


Meet everyone at
Barkingham Palace!



A party to celebrate!!

We had a party to celebrate the closing of Posh Puppy of Beverly Hills. There is a lot more work to do but it was a time to reflect and take some time to think about the progress that the world is making towards animals. The progress is slow and it doesn’t mean that we are not a third world country when it comes to animals but it makes you see the small light at the end of the tunnel. It at least gives you hope and it puts a band aid on our aching hearts…even if it is only for one evening.


POSH PUPPY of Beverly Hills

Kris Kelly joined the peaceful protest with Last Chance for Animals and Best Friends to shut down Posh Puppy of Beverly Hills. KTLA came out and filmed the final protest.


Pacific Palisades Junior
Womens Club give a grant

The Pacific Palisades Junior Women’s Club gives another grant to The Kris Kelly Foundation. This grant will go towards the many medical bills the foundation has incurred in the new year. THANK YOU PPJWC FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!!! Thanks for all the work the President Annie Barnes did for Juniors this year!!!!


Say NO to puppy mills!!!

The Kris Kelly Foundation came out to show support to Last Chance for Animals, Teri Austin, Carole Sax, and Carole Raphael Davis telling the people in Beverly Hills not to support puppy mills. When you buy a puppy at a pet store they come from mills. When they tell you a private breeder they are mills. There is so much abuse connected to puppy


Come visit us every Sunday
at the Farmers Market!

The Kris Kelly Foundation shows their rescue animals at the Pacific Palisades Farmer’s Market every Sunday!


Kris Kelly Foundation at
The Sherman Oaks Festival

The Kris Kelly Foundation showed their dogs and cats at The Sherman Oaks Festival. Lisa Shaffer is holding Clark the cat. The Foundation was there speaking and educating the public. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped us out at the Festival!!


UCLA students volunteer
for the animals!

UCLA students came and volunteered their time to walk the dogs and play with the kittens for The Kris Kelly Foundation. The students played with the rescue puppies and helped socialize the cats in the Cat House. Also they cleaned the fish tanks and bird cages for Judy at Judy’s Pet Depot. Thanks a lot guys!!! They will be back next month to help again.


Outreach at
The Cabana Room

Kris Kelly spoke at The Cabana Room along with Mark Thompson from Fox 11 News, actor Billy McNamara, and Jen Braff Jerry Buss’s assistant. They spoke about pitbull fighting and Mike Vick’s terrible abuses towards dogs. They spoke about the profile of a very troubled mind and how this trend as to be eliminated and not passed on to children. This was a very serious outreach event but as always the event ends with fun and entertainment to prove that when there is darkness all you have to do is shine a light and the darkness goes away.


Bottle feeding at
The Kris Kelly Foundation

We are in the second wave of kitten season. Every year kittens are born and abandoned by their moms that are feral. We never know exactly why the mom’s disappear but the numbers of kittens at the Shelters are shocking. Bottle feeding is a very time consuming and tiring. The Shelters are not equipped to bottle feed so unfortunately they are euthanized. These kittens were saved from the South Los Angeles. They had 5 minutes to live. Hattie a foster for The Kris Kelly Foundation pulled the little guys and fostered for a few days, then Lupita fostered, and now Annalise is going to finish the bottlefeeding.


Energy Worker at
The Kris Kelly Foundation

Botex is the way energy moves in a coiling style. The Energy Worker works a technique to the kittens spine that soothes and makes the kitten feel safe. The Energy Worker can tell a lot about a kittens personality and if their is fear she can correct it. If a kitten feels sick she can turn that energy around. The Kris Kelly Foundation has the kittens worked with so that they can transition into a forever home easy and has a trust of humans before they are adopted. Some animals have come from bad situations and this period of calm is critical before adoption.


The UCLA Project

Four UCLA students named Sheila Choi, David Lee, Rebecca Lynn, and Erin Wilson work on a school project with The Kris Kelly Foundation. The students were taught a little about what a non-proft does on a daily basis and the adoption process by Kris Kelly. The students in turn taught Kris Kelly a little about Financial Planning and Management. This information will really help the Foundation. Thanks Guys!!!!


John Knight trains
The Kris Kelly Foundation dogs.

John Knight is the trainer for the Kris Kelly Foundation. He will train you how to train your dog. He is kind and works to create a respect between you and your pup. Here John is training the dogs not to bark when the door bell rings. In one training session it is solved. He gives a couple of commands and it works. You now speak the dogs language and he or she knows it and now you can communicate with each other.


KKF hits Ketchup LA’s
newest hot spot!

We do outreach to educate in a festive atmosphere.


Pacific Palisades Junior
Womens Club

The Pacific Palisades Junior Womens Club gives The Kris Kelly Foundation a grant to help the animals.


Bel Air Bash

The Kris Kelly Foundation has a fundraiser and educating the public at The Bel Air Bar and Grill.

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